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About Jessie Shternshus

Jessie Shternshus is known for helping people and companies reach their full potential by escaping conformity and adapting to our ever changing environment.

She helps individuals, teams and companies shift their way of thinking, create collaborative environments and help people be their best selves through interactive and inclusive exercises. Jessie has been a key player in internal training and transformations for global companies and organizations such as The United Nations, Netflix, Foods, PGATour, Ocean Spray, Mayo Clinic, Transferwise, HP, Macy's, Johnson & Johnson, Getty Images, Adecco, CapitalOne, and many more.

She is the: *Co-author of CTRLShift 50 Games for 50 *** Days Like Today and No More Meetings Unlearn 'bored room" Practices to Change the Way We Connect

Jessie has been a speaker at: Conferencia Rails, ConvergeFL, LeanDayWest, MadisonRuby, NDC London, NDCOslo, HybridConf, UXMad, and many more.

Here is a great post on The Improv Effect, and check out this podcast to hear more about the how The Improv Effect works with businesses.

Some of her proudest contributions are developing an engineering on-boarding curriculum, helping build an innovation lab within a global enterprise company, and being a speaking coach to leaders worldwide.

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